westtano kennel

beagle kennel

ottka kia derby dark night

   rosswell de chantemelse
 spunky de apporteur
  show me the way chico
  new-bonny de chantemelse
   show me the way still loving you
 phileas melchior
 show me the way ethan for aldamity
   nutcracher orionis
   ich chablais show me the way web
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  chabais shakespeare simone
   unique cheyenne des terres sacrees
 titan des terres sacrees
    rafale des terres sacrees
   ch rocheby royal marine
 Ch kupros master mariner
  ch farbournes's dutch marine
  rocheby shady lady
   farbournes's fortune cookie
 stormey mackintosh
 aldamity passion flower
   penny royal's setpoint
   ch tjotte's buffalo bandit
 caven's coca-mo brute
  aldamity mystic dream
  tjotte's babysitters nightmar
   gch first lady aldamity
 master of chocolate du taillis madame
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